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Blue Globe Getaways specializes in France, England, Italy, Southeast Asia, Africa, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Los Angeles, Mexico, New York and especially Costa Rica where Blue Globe Getaways has a tour operator that will take his clients around. Blue Globe Getaways does voluntourism trips to India.

I help people experience other cultures and destinations all over the world. I do full service Costa Rica travel where I can book hotels, transfers and tours for all my clients. I enjoy offering my clients experiences that they have not had before and that they could not find on their own such as dining in an authentic home in Vietnam. I also have the privilege of working closely with a foundation in India that offers my clients the ability to interact with the children in orphanages. This type of travel is increasingly popular and is known as voluntourism travel. I love the sense of accomplishment that I get when my clients return and tell me it was a job well done, everything had gone smoothly and that they had thoroughly enjoyed their vacation.

I specialize in areas that other industry professionals may not have as much experience in such as India, Africa, Southeast Asia, Costa Rica, and Europe.  I love to offer travel suggestions to those who want to experience Europe and wine tasting.  I can offer private tours to The House of Lords in London for qualified clients.

I also do many easy getaways to warm destinations such as the Riviera Maya, St. Lucia and Jamaica with spa and relaxation in mind.  I have extensive knowledge of New York and Los Angeles with my own selection of preferred restaurants, museums and shows. I work with all age groups and activity levels and can match the person with the right destination. I customize everyone’s dream vacation.  Working with couples on their honeymoon, and groups celebrating special occasions are one of the best leads for me.

My clients know that I will find them things that they would not be able to find on their own. I am also totally accessible to my clients while they are traveling. I work within my clients' budgets and have an extensive list of preferred partners that go above and beyond for my clients.

I have been orchestrating travel dreams for over 10 years. I am affiliated with CTS Travel which is a member of Virtuoso. I have access to tour operators around the world!